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Cloud Services

Cloud technology is the best way for companies to collaborate in real-time with any amount of employees at any given time, all within a protected environment. Cloud technology has literally removed the restrictions of geography, time and location, putting a group of people online in one place at the same time. This is why NetBoundary operates its services via 100% cloud technology.

The NetBoundary Cloud Service Difference
Imagine being able to reach your entire team all at once, without time or geographical restrictions. It was with this idea in mind that NetBoundary instituted its cloud-based log management solution. Understanding the regulations and ongoing requirements of Section 10 as few others do, NetBoundary created its cloud-based log management solution, built on the Gartner rated leading platforms, to provide the fastest, easiest and quickest solution for SMB’s to secure networks and achieve compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, and others.

So why continue to battle the restrictions of time and geography? Let NetBoundary help you – today.

Summary of Service Features:

  • Easy deploy, no software or hardware to purchase or maintain, no upfront investment required
  • Enables regulatory compliance with automated log data collection, storage and response. Solves Section 10 of the PCI DSS
  • Improves incident response and resolution for security via quick and easy browser-based access to all historical log data
  • AuditLinQ Compliance Management Portal with one user Login account to Portal, LX and device group
  • Five Automated alerts and five reports go direct to your inbox via email as well as to the AuditLinQ compliance management portal (24×7 monitoring and incident response available for additional fee)

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Client Testimonial

  • “The comprehensive log management services that you provided truly made a positive and proactive difference in our business.”
    - Hector V.
  • “NetBoundary’s detailed attention to customer support and response was exactly what we were looking for.”
    - Milad. R.

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