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Managed Logs

Businesses today have to monitor and protect more critical information than ever before, as well as commercial and custom applications on a variety of different platforms. Because of these advances, they can no longer rely solely on network-level security; it is necessary to have a flexible, highly scalable system, capable of providing the necessary level of protection needed to do business.

Why You Need Managed Log Service

In the early days, attacks were launched from desktops and laptops, making security an issue, but not one that was overwhelming. Today, sophisticated, malicious online attacks can be launched from a variety of devices, including mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Business is also conducted over these devices, giving your business more information to track and log in order to stay in compliance. Following is a list of items businesses now need to be logging and tracking:

  • Commercial and custom applications
  • Identification and monitoring of devices and applications
  • Identification and monitoring of ‘alert-able’ events from the above sources
  • Collection, review and storing of logs for compliance

On top of this work, businesses need to proactively protect themselves 24/7, leaving little time to actually do business. This is why NetBoundary created its Managed Log Service.

The NetBoundary Managed Log Service Difference

With over fourteen years in the managed security industry, NetBoundary understands as few other managed security companies do that your time is your money. Building, configuring, maintaining and monitoring an in-house managed security system is costly in both resources and money. NetBoundary’s Managed Log Service – built on the industry leader in log management solutions – does all the logging, tracking, user analysis and monitoring you need, executed in a highly flexible, scalable solution. By using industry leading solutions NetBoundary leverages best-of-breed technology, operational excellence, and world-class expertise to deliver a flexible, highly scalable solution that can be hosted by NetBoundary deployed onsite or remotely via the cloud.

NetBoundary’s Managed Log Service collects, aggregates and pre-filters raw information logs from all sources being monitored by NetBoundary. Customers can either store logs in-house, or forward them to NetBoundary for analysis and long-term storage. Should a potential threat emerge, a NetBoundary analyst will determine the legitimacy of the threat and, if needed, immediately notify the customer. Customers can access all information via the NetBoundary Security Portal, anytime, anywhere.

Summary of Service Features:

  • Solution Design
  • Identification of Critical Logs
  • Rule Development
  • Device Placement

Implementation and Provisioning

  • Project Management
  • Technology Configuration
  • Onsite and Remote Deployment Support
  • Flexible Storage and Retention Options
  • All Equipment, Annual Maintenance, and Management is Included in Monthly Fee

Ongoing Monitoring and Management

  • 24/7 Monitoring of Log Collection Technologies
  • Agentless Log Collection
  • Correlation Across Platforms
  • Prioritization and Response by Security Operations Analyst
  • Security Event Alerting in Real-Time


  • Notification of Threats and events
  • Report Assignment
  • Workflow for Auditing and Compliance

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